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About Us

PS Homeboys is a full-service home management company serving the entire Coachella Valley. We are specialized in all aspects of home management from minor repairs to complete remodels. Let us manage your projects so you can be assured all work is done in an accurate and cost-effective manner and you will have the peace of mind that all your issues will be addressed.

Our clients are located throughout the whole Coachella Valley. We provide each of our clients with the highest quality and cost-effective services. PS Homeboys has built a powerful network of vendors and contractors which translates to faster and lower cost transactions for our clients. We provide project coordination, home repair services, maintaining your home while you are away and preparing it for your return.



PS Home Boys are staging specialists. We visually stylize the interior of your home or rental properties to prepare for walkthroughs.

Project Coordination

Are you planning to make changes to your home while you are out of town? PS Homeboys will be your eyes and ears to your project while you are absent. We work closely with you to assure all work is completed as contracted and your home is ready for your return.

Major Repairs

P.S. Homeboys has a team of qualified and licensed plumbers, electricians, painters and other professionals who can take on any major repairs needed on your home. PS Homeboys will contract these professionals for you, will meet with them at the project site, and get quotes on all work to be done. We will then coordinate and monitor the repairs, notify you of the progress throughout the process, and make sure the work is done accurately and on a timely basis.

Minor Repairs

Looking for someone to hang a light fixture or ceiling fan, fix a leaky faucet or handle a repair on your rental property? PS Homeboys can help you complete that list of chores you have been planning to do, and all care and maintenance associated with your home.